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Anti-obesity effects of two herbal extracts in C57BL/6N mice fed high-fat diet

Hyuck Kim, Jihwan Lee, Seyeon Chang, Dongcheol Song, Jaewoo An, Sehyun Park, Kyeongho Jeon, Jungseok Choi, Jinho Cho
The objective of this study was to investigate the anti-obesity effects of adding Momordica charantia (MC) and Chrysanthemum zawadskii var. latilobum (CZ) extracts to drinking water on obesity-induced mice. A total of …

Estimating the rating curve of irrigation canals in the Cheongju Sindae area

Mikyoung Choi, Inhyeok Song, Heesung Lim, Hansol Kang, Hyunuk An
As the frequency and intensity of heavy rains increase, the vulnerability of agriculture to disasters also increases. Consequently, there is a need to improve flood and inundation predictions. To enhance the accuracy of…

Yield monitoring systems for non-grain crops: A review

Md Sazzadul Kabir, Md Ashrafuzzaman Gulandaz, Mohammod Ali, Md Nasim Reza, Md Shaha Nur Kabir, Sun-Ok Chung, Kwangmin Han
Yield monitoring systems have become integral to precision agriculture, providing insights into the spatial variability of crop yield and playing an important role in modern harvesting technology. This paper aims to…