Current Issue
June, 2023

  • Vol. 50 No. 2
  • Effects of iron injection in suckling piglets on growth performance, fecal score, and hematological criteria

    Madesh Muniyappan, In Ho Kim

    A total of 16 sows (average parity = 3.5 ± 0.10, standard deviation = 2.05) and their newborn pigs (Duroc × [Landrace × Yorkshire], initial body ... ...

  • Vegetation community composition and changes of Jinaksan (Mt.) in Korea

    Seungah Yang, Mira Lee, Badamtsetseg Bazarragchaa, Hyoun Sook Kim, Sang Myong Lee, Joongku Lee

    This study investigated 62 nested quadrat plots of Jinaksan to identify community classifi cation and changes of the vegetation by using the phytosocial method ... ...

  • Effect of 16 different (N, P combination) fertilizer treatments on the growth of Liriodendron tulipifera seedlings and soil chemical properties in the Nursery Station

    Jung Won Park, Woo Bin Youn, Byung Bae Park, Min Seok Cho

    Appropriate fertilization methods are required according to species to supply necessary nutrients to plants and ... ...

  • The role of cytogenetic tools in orchid breeding

    Samantha Sevilleno Sevilleno, Raisa Aone Cabahug-Braza, Hye Ryun An, Ki Byung Lim, Yoon-Jung Hwang

    Orchidaceae species account for one-tenth of all angiosperms including more than 30,000 species having significant ecological, evolutionary, and economic ... ...

  • Effects of duck farming restriction measures on the incidence of avian influenza

    Jaesung Cho, Yonggeon Lee, Hyunjoong Kim

    Duck farming restriction refers to a program in which duck farms suspend their operations for a certain period at times when ... ...

  • Growth characteristics and antioxidant activity of domestic calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

    Kyung Hye Seo, Myung Suk Ahn, Ji Hun Yi, Young Ran Lee, Yun-Im Kang, Youn Jung Choi, Jung Nam Suh, Hye Sook Jang

    Calla lily is one of the most iconic and widely recognized ornamental plants. This study compared the extracts of 11 cultivars of domestic ... ...

  • Effects of application rate and pH of carbonized rice husk on the reduction of NH3 volatilization and soil quality

    Yun-Gu Kang, Jae-Han Lee, Jun-Yeong Lee, Taek-Keun Oh

    Ammonia (NH3) emitted from the use of fertilizers during agricultural practice generates particulate matter and odors. The application ... ...

  • Identification of virulence-associated genes of Erwinia amylovora by transposon mutagenesis

    Seung Yeup Lee, Hyun Gi Kong, In Jeong Kang, Hyeonseok Oh, Hee-Jong Woo, Eunjung Roh

    Erwinia amylovora, which causes fire blight disease on apple and pear trees, is one of the most important phytopathogens ... ...

  • Production performance and egg quality parameters in Hy-line brown laying hen in response to extra feed supplementation

    Md Mortuza Hossain, Jae Hong Park, In Ho Kim

    The purpose of this experiment was to determine the influence of providing laying hens with extra feed on egg ... ...

  • Detection of frog and aquatic insects by environmental DNA in paddy water ecology

    Keonhee Kim, Sera Kwon, Alongsaemi Noh

    The paddy environment is classified as a wetland and occupies a very large proportion of the freshwater environment. It is also ... ...

  • Effects of Curcuma aromatica or inositol monophosphate supplementation on growth performance and immune status of lactating sows and piglets

    Md Mortuza Hossain, Chai Bin Lim, In Ho Kim

    The aim of the present study was to investigate the influences of Curcuma aromatica or inositol monophosphate supplementation ... ...

  • Biological properties of fermented milk with fortified whey protein

    Ki Whan Kim, Seok Han Ra, Gereltuya Renchinkhand, Woo Jin Ki, Myoung Soo Nam, Woan Sub Kim

    As a byproduct obtained from cheese manufacture whey protein was developed as a functional food that contains multi-functional ... ...

  • Effects of glycozyme addition on fatty acid and meat quality characteristics of growing pigs

    Olivier Munezero, In Ho Kim

    Synbiotics help to improve gut health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while glyconutrients provide a source of ... ...

  • Impact of economic integration between South and North Korea on the agricultural market

    Sukho Han, Yongho Choi, Byung Min Soon

    Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 49권 1호에 정보가 잘못 기재되어 있어 바로잡습니다 ... ...

  • Agricultural tractor roll over protective structure (ROPS) test using simplified ROPS model

    Ryu-Gap Lim, Young-Sun Kang, Dae-Hyun Lee, Wan-Soo Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Yong-Joo Kim

    Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 49권 4호에 정보가 잘못 기재되어 있어 바로잡습니다 ... ...

  • Selection of appropriate nutrient solution for simultaneous hydroponics of three leafy vegetables (Brassicaceae)

    Young Hwi Ahn, Seung Won Noh, Sung Jin Kim, Jong Seok Park

    Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 49권 3호에 정보가 잘못 기재되어 있어 바로잡습니다 ... ...

  • Estimating vegetation index for outdoor freerange pig production

    Sang-Hyon OH, Hee-Mun Park, Yu-Jeong Jung, Jin-Hyun Park

    Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 50권 1호에 정보가 잘못 기재되어 있어 바로잡습니다. ...