Selection of candidate sites for agrivoltaics in Chungnam Province: utilizing AHP analysis and ArcGIS

Byung Min Soon1,*, Su Min Cho2, Hee Dong Koo3, Hyun Seon Lee1

1Department of Agricultural Economics, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea
2Livestock Outlook Team, Center for Agricultural Outlook, Korea Rural Economic Institute, Cheongju 28165, Korea
3Department of Regional Environment and Civil Engineering, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea

*Corresponding author:


As the importance of renewable energy diffusion spreads, promotion of sustainable renewable energy projects such as agrivoltaics is expected to accelerate. Furthermore, to promote agrivoltaics projects, it must be considered the legislation related to agrivoltaics and Chungnam Province’s local policy. This research focuses on the selection of the most suitable sites for agrivoltaics installations in Chungnam Province in South Korea. Therefore, the process of this research was as follows. First, the legislation related to agrivoltaics and local policy in Chungnam Province were identified. Second, it employs an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to consider important criteria and their weights for site selection. Third, based on the weights calculated AHP, geographic information system (GIS) was performed to select most suitable location selection of agrivoltaics installations in Chungnam Province. The analysis identified approximately 60 promising most suitable location for agrivoltaics installations in Chungnam Province, primarily in the northern part of Chungnam Province. These areas are expected to meet electricity demands in nearby regions since these are relatively adjacent to Gyeonggi Province. According to the results of research, policy suggestions related to agrivoltaics were presented separately into the agricultural sector and the electricity power sector. The study’s results serve as a valuable resource for future national-level candidate site selection for agrivoltaics projects.


agrivoltaics, AHP (analytic hierarchy process), arcGIS (geographic information system), Chungnam province, location selection

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