Evaluation of the impact of phytase supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and fecal score of growing pigs

Shanshui Gao, Md Mortuza Hossain, In Ho Kim*

Department of Animal Resource and Science, Dankook University, Cheonan 31116, Korea

*Corresponding author:


Phytase enhances phosphorus availability in pig diets by breaking down phytic acid, which is challenging for animals to digest. This study aimed to assess the impact of dietary phytase supplementation on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and fecal score of growing pigs. Sixty-four growing pigs ([Yorkshire × Landrace] × Duroc, average body weight 21.20 ± 0.18 kg) were randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups. The dietary treatments were CON, basal diet, and PHY, basal diet + 0.0025% phytase. Results indicated a tendency for increased average daily gain in the phytase-supplemented diet group (p < 0.10) compared to the control diet group. The average daily feed intake and feed conversion ratio were not affected by the addition of 0.0025% phytase. Furthermore, dry matter digestibility, nitrogen content, and digestible energy were not influenced (p > 0.05) by phytase supplementation. Fecal score remained similar (p > 0.05) in growing pigs fed phytase-supplemented and control diets. These findings suggest that supplementing the diet of growing pigs with 0.0025% phytase may lead to improved average daily gain without adverse effects on nutrient digestibility and fecal score. This implies the potential to enhance growth performance without compromising overall health or digestion in pigs. Further investigations into the optimal levels of phytase supplementation for growing pigs are recommended.


growing pig, growth performance, nutrient digestibility, phosphorus, phytase

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