Causes and implications of increased export of frozen dumplings

Hye-Jung Kang, Seyoon Oh, Chanho Sohn, Hanpil Moon*

Department of Agricultural Economics, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 61186, Korea

*Corresponding author:


Domestic processed food exports might increase due to the free trade agreement (FTA) and spread of the Korean Wave, Hallyu. However, the share of the domestic raw materials in the domestic processed food industry is very low at 31.4%, which limits the spillover effect on domestic agriculture. Therefore, we selected frozen dumplings as a representative processed food whose exports are growing rapidly and conducted a multiple regression analysis to examine the effects of Hallyu and FTA variables on the frozen dumpling exports. We tried to link them to an increase in agricultural income through the expansion of demand for the domestic raw materials. This study analyzed tariff indicator as the FTA variable, cosmetics export value indicator as the Hallyu Wave variable, and other variables expected to change the trade environment such as gross domestic product (GDP) and the relative exchange rate by country as the key explanatory variables that affect changes in the trade environment. The analysis showed that the core hypothesis, the Hallyu variable and the FTA variable, have a positive impact on frozen dumpling exports. Frozen dumpling exports are expected to increase as the FTAs and the spread of Hallyu are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we should seek ways to increase the proportion of domestically produced ingredients in the frozen dumplings to spread the economic impact to domestic agriculture. We reviewed previous studies and determined, the price-related factors play a major role in the use of imported ingredients, and that price stability and competitiveness are essential to increase the share of the domestically produced ingredients. Based on these conclusions, we reviewed the current status of food industry-related policies and determined measures needed to expand the use of domestically produced ingredients.


frozen dumpling, FTA (free trade agreement), Korean Wave, processed food exports

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